Do we need to provide anything?

No - all we need is a power source

What will you wear?

We take great pride in our appearance and always wear formal dress.

Experience Fahrenheit

Frequently asked questions

Do you take requests?

Yes- if the song is in our repertoire we will gladly oblige. If there is a particular song you want at your event, let us know in advance and we will play it for you.

How long do you play for?

Typically, we play 4 hours within a five hour period, usually between 7-12pm.
However we are extremely flexible and can negotiate time variations to suit your event.

Will you play outside?

Yes, as long as we are adequately protected from the elements (including sunshine) and it is safe to do so. e.g power sources are protected, level surfaces etc.

How much will you cost?

Fees vary and are primarily dependant on how long you would like us to play for and where the venue is. Contact us for more information and we can discuss a quote to suit your needs. If you are emailing us please supply date and venue location details.

How long does it take you to set up?

Set up time may vary depending on the venue but generally it takes 1 hour 15minutes.